Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton 
Council 11187,
Pickerington, Ohio  USA


2016/17 KofC Scholarship



Named in honor of Joe Drignat, a deceased K of C Council 11187 member.

  1)  Purpose: To foster a Catholic education for children and grandchildren of KofC Council 11187 members
  2)  Eligible students: Children and grandchildren of Council 11187 members
  3)  Amount: $500 total. To be awarded to one qualified candidate,  Grade School (4th thru 8th grade) and/or Catholic High School.
  4)  Application:
a) Complete online application or mail a hard copy
b) Mail copy of most recent grade card
c) Complete on line essay response or mail a hard copy
          Note: mail any copies required to:
K of C Council 11187
c/o St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish
600 Hill Road North
Pickerington, Ohio 43147-9201
  5)  Deadline: Awarded yearly, 1 March 2017
  6)  Scholarship committee: GK appoints two members to the Scholarship committee.
  7)  Qualification: Scholarship committee will review the application, grade card and essay submitted to verify all requirements are met.
  8)  Essay Evaluation: From those that qualify (see 8 above), the Scholarship committee will provided Trustees with lettered copies of the essays
       (studentís name removed and replaced by letters (A, B, etc.)) for their evaluation and recommendation. The essays will be grouped by grade
       school or high school.
  9)  Evaluation: The Trustees will rank the essays within each group and provide recommendations by number (1, 2, etc. for grade  and high
       school.) for high school to the Scholar ship committee.
10)  Award: From this information the Scholarship committee will contact the Winner(s) and make arrangements for the award of the scholarship(s)
       at a KofC Council 11187 meeting. Award(s) by the scholarship committee will be final.
Council Scholarship Application


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